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4 Tips for Your Brand Identity

🌬WHO is your brand?💭 (Side note: With the release of @disneyplus I felt like this illustration just felt necessary. Also, Disney is my ish.) Every time I work with clients I make sure to understand these 4 things about their brand before I create anything for them. Can you answer them? . 1️⃣ What is your overall goal with your brand, why does it need to exist? This is your Mission Statement. This is the reasoning of why your brand exists in the first place - your elevator pitch. Knowing this will also help you define how to market your brand.

2️⃣ Who’s attention are you trying to get? Aka, knowing who your Demographic & Target Audience are!

Demographic is age, sex, occupation, income, location, education - the hard facts - what you fill out on a bubble sheet or at the doctor’s office. Target Audience relates more to your demographic’s interests, daily habits, specifics. Know where you can find them! • Social Platforms most popular for them (who do they follow, who currently influences them) • Grocery stores they shop • Their most used Print and Digital space . Example: • IDENTIFIER: 25-29 year old women who loves fitness • GOAL: to be fit by 30 • CHALLENGES: low income and poor diet • HOW BRAND CAN HELP: affordable based on income with a meal plan on a budget • COMMON OBJECTIVES: What your target audience will say that will prevent them from using/purchasing your brand. Figure out a solution to counter the objections.

• DIGITAL: IG, FB 3️⃣ Don’t use that tone with me! Or should you? Your brand voice and tone should be a mix of your personality, how your audience would like to be spoken to, and add specific brand words in there. Be consistent with your Brand voice and tone whenever you speak about and for your brand!. 4️⃣ Tell YOUR story! Start from the beginning. How did the idea of your brand start? Who was and is involved, who is your brand for? What problem does your brand solve? When did your brand come to life? Where can you find your brand? Why does your brand exist?

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