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Instagram Growth Hack | IG Bio SEO

As a small or start-up business, it's essential to word your bio for SEO.

What is SEO? - Search Engine Optimization. Every single word in your bio is used as keywords for the search bar, just like Google.

👑 USERNAME / HANDLE | The SEO in your bio acts in a hierarchy. The algorithm will first track your username/handle then work its way through your bio. Make sure you username is memorable and simple to type.

🤓INSTAGRAM NAME | This is your name that is in bold - the top line. This will be seen underneath your username in the search results. Whenever I introduce myself I say, "Hi, I'm Amalia - a Creative Designer". If that person were to search me on IG and didn't remember my first name, they could still research "Creative Designer" and I would show up in the results! Cray.

✨ BIO | Now it's time to be 150 characters. .

• List why your brand is DIFFERENT from your competitors and why your brand is more relatable to your target audience. .

• List your services, your top selling flavor, your credentials...

• Where are you located? Where can you be found? Are you strictly online or do you have a brick and mortar? Do you change locations often? .

• Use highly searched words, you can even include hashtags! It will add you to that hashtag community.

• CTA - Your Call To Action! Do you want your target audience to book a service with you? View your new blog? See your cool portfolio? Tell them what to do next!

• Use that link in bio, if you have links to share. Whether you're adding in a single link or using apps like or, it's a great way to attract people to your page. .

• Add an address! If you're a brick and mortar, food truck, personal's clickable. It's the easiest and most perfect CTA. It's literally saying "Here's my address, click me, visit me now". Just make sure it's correct!

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