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Authentic Storytelling

Let’s talk about authentic storytelling...

I was given the opportunity to create a redesign mock-up to share with some of the designers for Dr. Marty's Pets.

As I was doing an audit for this brand, I researched a few things:

🔎 MISSION: is it being portrayed correctly in its digital/print space?

🐾 Dr. Marty is a holistic veterinarian who has an integrative approach to animal medicine is designed to address the “full-picture” when it comes to pet health. He combines the very best of both traditional medicine and alternative therapies to help pets feel maximum results. I chose to add these features to the packaging to :

  • Ingredient illustrations - since they promote natural ingredients, it will help strengthen their credibility.

  • Illustration of a pet portrait - after researching multiple pet foods they all are very similar: it is either a photo of a pet or an illustration of a pet outside. The illustration of a pet portrait was pitched to be created into a campaign where pet owners submit pet portraits. This opens up opportunities for consumers to interact with the brand and have the possibility to see their pet on a well-known brand. With interactions like this, it creates word-of-mouth marketing, community, and an experience.

🔎 AUDIENCE: are you speaking to your audience properly — tone, verbiage, etc. // demographic — who are you speaking to? // location — where can you find your audience and what platforms does your audience use most? // values — what does your core audience value? And how will they experience that value through your product?

🐾These features will help reach their target audience:

  • Introduction of the pet illustrated - a mini introduction of the pet illustrated will have details of their favorite activities, age, and a CTA to the brand's social media to see the pet's full story. It helps build relatability, credibility, authenticity - basically a testimonial.

  • QR Code - it's a great way for the consumer to interact with the product. If a consumer is attracted to the packaging but would like more information, the QR code would bring them to a landing page. Plus, everyone is on their phones so it's a great way for them to interact with the brand outside of the store.

  • Packaging - I recommended that the packaging should be very environmentally friendly aka "recyclable". Since consumers are health conscious for their pets, it also shows that the brand is not only thinking about what their pet consumes but also of the environment around them.

🔎 END GOAL: what is the purpose of the campaign, what goals are you trying to achieve?

🐾 The end goal of this packaging is to stand out on the shelves along with building the brand awareness and community.

  • Brand colors - brand colors would be utilized to determine the different pet foods (cat, dog, limited releases, etc).

  • Ingredient illustrations - strengthens natural ingredients

  • Call to action/QR Code - to build brand awareness and community by directing consumers to social media or landing page

  • Pet Portrait - builds community by testimonial



The way someone describes what your brand is turns into what your brand is about. You choose to show the world what will accurately and authentically represent your brand and its offers.

  • How is your brand different, what is your brand's authentic view, brand's perspective? Your view = your authentic view = personal perspective Why is your brand attractive to others? What is it that consumers want that I have? How does your brand market to an audience that values what it has to offer? How do you emotionally connect? How do you gain trust? How do you remain accountable?

  • How do you characterize your brand? Use qualities to describe your brand. This should be a combo: adjective noun ( ie: passionate entrepreneur, credible educator, resourceful realtor, innovative colorist) These qualities are how you should build your brand because when your consumers/clients/guests describe your brand, they should be describing it with those exact qualities!

  • How do you share your brand's authenticity? What platforms will you use? What stories will you tell? What message are you trying to get across? Do they refer back to your qualities? Are they relating to your audience?

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