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Role: I was responsible for writing the copy, creating graphics, creating the video content.

Video Content

I created these videos via Adobe After Effects.


During the times of the first Covid-19 outbreak, the travel industry got impacted hard. The Dream Big video is to inspire and bring hope that everything will get back to normal. 

Why Work with a Travel Advisor?

This video was created to show the visual and experiential benefits of working with a travel advisor.

Bunny's Bae Bar

I had the opportunity to work with Death Proof Productions on this project.


  • logo created in Adobe Illustrator

  • video editing created in After Effects

Video footage courtesy of the Event Coordinator | Shot on iPhone.

Trainer Spotlights

Screen Shot 2019-07-17 at 9.06.22 PM.png

I conducted research, questionnaires, gathered images, and wrote the copy. ​

Trainer Spotlights are written when a user showed exceptional engagement on the platform, built their own momentum, and fully matched company ethos. 

When a user met all requirements, I sent out a questionnaire Google Form for them to fill out. Based on previous research, I gathered questions based off their experiences and history.

The purpose of these Trainer Spotlights was to build trust and loyalty, showcase successes from using the platform, and share some amazing users and their accomplishments in their profession!



Screen Shot 2019-07-17 at 9.07.47 PM.png

I conducted research, gathered and created images, and wrote the copy. ​​

Informative blogs were written to help build a resource guide for the users. 

Blog details included:

  • brand voice

  • understanding the audience

  • research based information

  • relevant headlines

  • subheadings

  • custom designed visuals

  • bullet points for easy reading and skimming through

  • numbered lists if steps are introduced

  • clear call-to-actions


Video Tutorials


I recorded all feature functions and produced videos through Premiere Pro then wrote the step-by-step process.

After a product is launched on the site, I was responsible for creating a new How-to Video Tutorial. 

How-to Video Tutorials included:

  • brand voice

  • understanding the audience

  • subheadings

  • numbered lists for steps

  • clear call-to-actions


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