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Role: Product Designer

The Challenge: Users wanted to send messages to custom groups. Users could only send a message to a single client or a group message to the current clients that checked in to their class. 

Resolution: Create a messaging system where users can send individual or custom group messages - easy as sending a text message or email. This will eliminate users having to rely on multiple messaging systems outside of the platform. 

ABOUT THE COMPANY: GO SESH is a SaaS booking platform designed to empower entrepreneurial trainers to host classes anywhere in the world. The platform provides custom features to grow trainer's and teacher's personal businesses. I learned to wear many hats with this opportunity - starting with Content Creative & Marketing, to personal client relations as an Account Manager, to growing as the Product Designer for the platform. 


User Flow

Screen Shot 2019-07-01 at 9.32.39 PM.png

I worked directly with the Creative Director with this project.

Tools: Google Doc

I started getting feedback about multiple roadblocks the users were running into with the messaging feature. I asked the users about their issues, suggestions, and if they had any examples to compare to. I spoke to the team about the results.


This was a big project, as we knew users were familiar with popular messaging features for communicating like group texting or emailing. 

We worked in collaboration to brainstorm different layouts, which would then determine the user flow. We had to decide whether we should continue using the current design layout or create a new one.

Once we decided ​on the layout we created a list of the features we wanted to include.


Screen Shot 2019-06-20 at 11.24.31

I created the prototype through Photoshop.

Tools: Photoshop

Once we listed all the feature to include, I began prototyping through Photoshop. Since we wanted to add a full list of functions to the product, creating a clean design helps the user see all functions available. 

Prototype Development

I collaborated with the Creative Director with testing the interactive prototype.

Tools used: Trello

We came across multiple issues with the first interactive prototype: the flow was confusing, functions were everywhere, too many dropdown menus, actions were not intuitive. ​​The prototype included all the new features we listed, but it was not the most efficient design.


I did research on the most popular messaging system. From there, I developed a second prototype. This helped inspire a clean aesthetic with a combination of interfaces used on the current platform along with new intuitive interactions.  

Since this had multiple functions, we took this project in stages for the developer. Once the developer launched a function, we tested the usability and flow. Once all the functions were launched for testing, we created a grand list of scenarios to test.

Previous Messaging Feature

The previous messaging feature was very simple and accomplished the basic messaging. 

This design was created by a previous designer. The design worked when the platform was still new to the users. Once the platform started to get more users, the users started demanding more up-to-date functions that the product could not perform.

New Product Launch

Once the new messaging feature was launched, I created a video tutorial for the platform's Tutorial Page.

Tools used: Photoshop, Premiere Pro

It was time to add a new resource on the Tutorial Page. I was responsible for writing the copy, creating the cover photo in Photoshop, and creating the video in Premiere Pro.​

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