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Role: I was responsible for Instagram captions & hashtags, Scheduling posts, Building engagement, Creating InstaStories


Role: I was apart of the design process for Golden Road Brewing and Prawn Coastal Casual menus.

Golden Road Menus


I redesigned the main menu, brunch, and late night menu.

As I worked as a server, I was getting a lot of feedback from the customers saying that the menus were very hard to navigate through. I took that as an opportunity as proposed a new layout to the General Manager. I kept it on the same paper size and print settings as the previous menu to avoid any grand changes. They gave me freedom to design it with a fresh start, wanting something completely different from the previous menu.

There are a lot of items on each menu so it was challenging fitting all the items while including descriptions and maintaining white space. 

With the following design features, it helped make the menu feel less overwhelming.

  • hierarchical headings for quick scanning 

  • bold text for names of items

  • columns create a more efficient flow to each section

  • color is used to help items and options stand out

  • boxed items draw attention to specials and side options

Prawn Coastal Casual by Mark Peel

Prawn Menu_Edit-02.png
Prawn Menu_Outlined_FINAL-01.png

I worked in collaboration with The Imagists marketing agency.

This process really taught me how to transfer pen & paper drawings into a vector. I was grateful for this opportunity to practice my art along with share it in a digital space.

I was given a list of items they requested in as a vector and then asked to place them on the menu. 

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