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Role: I designed email templates, campaigns for customer journeys, collaborated in digital marketing campaigns, print media, and mock-up package design.

Email Campaigns

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I designed the email templates via MailChimp. 

Email campaigns were a collaborative effort with the team. We all worked together to develop a clean and meaningful campaign - only sending relevant emails to avoid being "spammy". Once a campaign was developed, I designed the email templates in MailChimp and assisted with A/B Testing.

Emails were based off:

  • Trigger emails

    • Transactional & receipt emails​

    • Trial details

    • Welcome emails

    • Re-engagement

  • Customer Journey​

    • Tutorials and tips

    • Customer stories & accomplishments

  • Account Management​

    • Plain text emails creating a more "personal" email

      • Offering support​

      • Asking feedback

Digital Marketing

unnamed (4).png
unnamed (3).png
How To Run A Fitness Business.png

I have participated in the full Digital Marketing process from strategizing to designing to analyzing. 

It's been a great learning process. I've learned that creating for a targeted audience helped strengthen the design of the graphic and the copy of the campaign. Then, setting specific KPI's per campaign would help analyze and refine. 

Working for a startup, A/B testing was a strategy practiced frequently. I helped strategize graphics to compare, different copy and calls-to-action to use, and campaigns to generate leads.

As a freelance visual designer, I've created digital marketing graphics for platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Eventbrite,, and television. 

  • Snapchat Geofilter

  • Facebook cover photos

  • Instagram posts and InstaStories

  • cover photos

  • Photobooth graphics

  • Television graphics


July 8 - LIVE.png

Print Media


I designed the print media through Illustrator and Photoshop. 

As a freelance visual designer, I've had the opportunity to create various prints: 

  • postcards

  • posters

  • flyers

  • merchandise

  • business cards

Miche GCM Tabloid-01.png
Drawing on Shirts #idtapthat__• draw _go

Package Design

ONK Can.png

I designed the packaging through Illustrator and Photoshop. 

As an illustrator, I wanted to incorporate unique illustrations as the package designer using:

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe Illustrator


Banner Ads

Virgin Voyages.png

Banner ads are designed through Adobe Photoshop.

Banner Ad sizes:

  • Leaderboard 728x90

  • Leaderboard 300x250

  • Half page 300x600

  • Sky scraper 160x600

  • Instagram 1080x1080

  • Facebook 1200x630

  • Website 1600 x 600

  • Website 1000 x 500

  • Website 1920 x1080

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