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Landing Page + Sign-Up Flow

Role: Product Designer

The Challenge: The company wanted to develop a new way to attract leads. The 14-day trial was set in motion once we created this new landing page and sign-up flow.

Resolution: Create a landing page that is attractive, on-brand, informative, and simple to navigate. The landing page will then transition to a new user sign-up flow.

ABOUT THE COMPANY: GO SESH is a SaaS booking platform designed to empower entrepreneurial trainers to host classes anywhere in the world. The platform provides custom features to grow trainer's and teacher's personal businesses. I learned to wear many hats with this opportunity - starting with Content Creative & Marketing, to personal client relations as an Account Manager, to growing as the Product Designer for the platform. 


User Flow + Prototyping

Screen Shot 2019-06-20 at 12.16.58

I created the new landing page layout, the sign-up layouts, and developed the sign-up flow for the team to review.

Tools: Photoshop, Google drawings

I collaborated with the Creative Director to build a list of all the details that should be included on the landing page. The list included information from several pages of the website along with a captivating video of all the successful users on the platform.

The first process was creating the prototype for the landing page in Photoshop followed by the user flow of the sign-up process.​ We decided to create  the landing page prototype first to see how all the information could fit in a clean and simple layout. We did not want the landing page to be overwhelming. 


Screen Shot 2019-06-20 at 12.21.53
Screen Shot 2019-06-20 at 12.48.42

I created the mobile and desktop prototypes through Photoshop.

Tools: Photoshop

I created four different mockups of the landing page. My overall goal was to create minimal scrolling, a way for the user to interact with the different features, and to have the sign-up button accessible. 

The desktop design was the easiest. We chose to continue with the sign-up box to scroll with the user.

For mobile, it was a more difficult design - trying not to create a busy mockup. I still wanted to have the sign-up button scroll with the user. There were a few versions designed to reach our final prototype. 


Once we chose the final prototype, I started building the sign-up flow for desktop and mobile. 

The goal was to create a simple sign-up flow, asking basic information and designing a clear walk-through of the platform features. We wanted to build a walk-through that would take 3-5 minutes. 

I chose to use negative space as a design element to help with call-to-action buttons, remove any distractions and develop a clean and guided tour of the platform. 

Screen Shot 2019-06-20 at 12.48.15

Interactive Prototype

I built the interactive prototype through InVision.

Tools: InVision, Trello

I built the prototype in InVision for the team to review. I collaborated with the Creative Director and software developer to gain feedback for feature edits.

Once the prototype was developed, we tested on desktop and mobile and added any errors to Trello. Contributing clear and concise problem/solution tasks for the software developer to follow allowed us to launch the product live on the site.​

Landing Page + Sign-Up

Since the new landing page, new marketing campaigns have been launched to reach new leads.

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